Generali Auftakt 2019

“Generali Auftakt” was held in January 2019 in the Marx Halle, Vienna. It was one of the annual senior management kickoff events, a strategy presentation of the board for 1100 viennese employees. SUCHANEK was the lead agency and was responsible for the production of the whole gathering including all outside events

January, 2019 —

Austria, Vienna

Client — Generali Insurance Austria



Over 1,600 senior government officials, delegates from Member States, business leaders, representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academics, United Nations and international and regional organizations, activists, and trafficking victims from over 116 countries participated in the Vienna Forum, which provided a platform for a new campaign of coordinated action to tackle trafficking in persons. Additionally, 150 journalists were accredited for the Forum.
Twenty-eight panels, workshops, special sessions and side events explored the themes of the Vienna Forum and offered an opportunity for dialogue between participants. Special exhibits held throughout the City of Vienna, including “The Journey” (which received over 5,000 visitors during its five-day stay), a photo exhibit, cartoon competition and film forum, raised the visibility of the issue of trafficking in persons among the public.



  • Unique that such an event has been conceive bei UNODC
  • Emma Thomson’s exhibition that graphically depicted the terrifying ordeal of a woman sold into the sex trade, which was open to the public.

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