Bringing all the pieces together

Our mission is to merge individual elements together into a single coherent creation. However, on its own, bringing together specialists, employees, and suppliers to implement the desired goals is not enough; the challenge is to coordinate and motivate them in such a way that they achieve the best results possible within the budgetary framework.


Selecting the members of and leading this team, coordinating all the different aspects, filtering and forwarding information, acting as a go-between for the various departments, retaining an overview in order to distribute the tasks to the respective teams in order that the final result is an unforgettable and harmonious event that achieves the goals that have been set; this is our field of professional expertise.

Our team


Georg Suchanek

Hi, my name is Georg Suchanek, I am the founder of SUCHANEK.

Through the years I was able to obtain a variety of experiences in the development and management of local and international conferences, forums and gatherings for corporate clients and international organizations or initiatives.


Lia Suchanek

Hi, my Name is Lia.

I have been working for Georg since the end of 2021, and have enjoyed my work every single day. I love getting to know our clients, understanding what they want to communicate through their events, and finding the best possible way to achieve that.

Bibiane Kapfenbauer

Is a licensed guide who has been working with us for several years now. She always provides new insides of Vienna’s history and knows how to communicate her knowledge in an effortless and playful way. She creates a parallel between our events and Vienna’s history 

Florian Pajer

Brings to life our ideas thanks to his stage constructions and an amazing look and feel atmosphere.

Marc Wollner

Is responsible for the technical parts of the events.